Monthly Vedic Meditation Courses:

Day 1 - private, 1-hour appointment
Days 2-4 - 90 minutes per day, group course (unless otherwise arranged). *If multiple times are listed for a group course, choose one to attend*

VM Group Meditations:

Open to existing Vedic Meditators at no cost. 
Meditation Social Club is a group meditation-style weekly offering in Chicago, NYC & LA

Post-Yoga Meditations at Centered Studios: 

Open to all, at no cost. KAM Meditation will cover a variety of guided visualizations, silent meditations, and other meditative practices designed for you to get a taste of what meditation can offer. You can see the full Centered Studios schedule by clicking here

Guru Purnima at Centered Studios - July 9th @ 8pm

Guru Purnima is an evening to celebrate teachers both academic and spiritual. There will be snacks and a big full moon to enjoy when we walk down to the shores of Lake Michigan. RSVP HERE.

The Bliss Party, #1: House Party - August 6 @ 7pm

Join the movement - a night of music, meditation, friends and fun with snacks and punch! $5 suggested donation at the door. RSVP HERE.